Thursday, October 13, 2005

Worth mentioning

I can't play the piano too well but last night I was trying to figure out the intro to Eleanor put your boots on from Franz Ferdinands new album. My primary instrument of choice is the guitar so I figured it out on my acoustic first and then headed to the piano. I don't think I've given it enough effort. I figure I can find some footage of it being played live and just learn by watching but I missed my opportunity when they were on MTV last weekend on Hard Rock Live.

Speaking of MTV, I didn't know Common was getting play on MTV. He actually placed high up in the ranking on the video countdown for his video for Testify from my favorite hip hop album of the year Be. Also I heard through the grapevine that Common dropped out of the Kanye tour to film a movie hours before the tour kicked off. There goes the one reason to attend that show.

Also worth mentioning:
  • I like the SOUND Team post Dodge did over at MOKB, both songs are worth downloading.
  • Catbirdseat has a nice round up of some new releases and some mp3s from each release.
  • Gorilla Vs. Bear has been keeping us up to date on Sufjan Steven all year long and he has posted Sufjans latest, a contribution to the Jeff/Tim Buckley tribute album Dream Brother called She is.
  • Rock Insider has couple of DFA 1979 remixes from the new remix album called Romance Bloody Romance.

I have a busy weekend ahead of me, I will be attending a baptism, a birthday party and something else in the works. During that time I will also fit in studying for two tests I have Monday and writing a paper due Monday and start reading a book for a paper due next Tuesday. Will I lose my sanity, we shall see.


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