Sunday, January 30, 2005


I made a little modification to the background. It's a simple pattern with imprints of maples leaves I made in Photoshop which I tiled as the background. Not a big difference but I like it. At the rate I'm going, the web design of this site will sometime be completly my own.

Saturday, January 29, 2005


I have been downloading a lot of music lately as usual and found the K-Os [pronounced chaos] album I wanted. As usual I went through all the files then I went to the root address and found it to be a message board, a nazi message board. It was really odd. I thought it had to be a joke but then I read some of it and found out it wasn't. There was good music on the folders but it felt odd downloading from them. Anyway I found the link on a message board I frequent multiple times a day and replyed about it being a nazi site. I went off then for about 4 hours and drank and played some cards and ate. Afterwards I came back and the message board is all a blazing about my post. It was crazy. People we siding with me and against me and apoligizing and all I wanted to do was mention this small fact, all the while I didn't give an opinion. Crazyness of the internet

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Mountain Goats

"the best ever death metal band out of denton
never settled on a name.
but the top three contenders, after weeks of debate,
were satan's fingers, and the killers, and the hospital bombers"

Mountain Goats - the best ever death metal band out of denton

Digging out another band from the vault, looks like a Mountain Goats night.

What do I do

I was pretty bored yesterday and what do I do when I'm bored? This

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

the secret migration

I am coming to love Wednesday nights and here is why

I don't have to go the eye gouging Visual Display class. I took this class thinking it would teach me computer related visual elements. Nope, it’s basically a class on PowerPoint and speech all in one. Its frustrating because I could of took this when I was in 7th grade and made an A. To boot, I hated speech class.

My Philosophy reading obligation is done for the week. This week...9 chapters. It's a good book and I'm kind of happy I have the grade motivation to read it. Basically the whole class is about this one book. Its a sequel to Dostoyevsky's The Brothers Karamazov supposedly "the greatest book written" but I've heard that few times before. He's the same guy who wrote Crime and Punishment. It's pretty lame because the instructor wrote the sequel and we have to read his book and talk about it everyday in class. It's a good book about;

"Exploring the secret depths of humanity's struggles and sins, Dostoyevsky unfolds a grand epic which attempts to venture into mankind's darkest heart, and grasp the true meaning of existence".

Its a good read about religion, ethics and morals.

Now my week consists of one class tomorrow and one class Friday.



Our apartment hero Michael Tolcher is on Carson Daly right now as I type. There is no one around to share this precious moment with. He just broke into a cover of Buffalo Springfield, For What It's Worth. What a lamer. Tolcherheads unite.

Monday, January 24, 2005

A day without sunshine is like........night.

Stupid LAN connection is messing up and made tweaking the colors is really frustrating so I kept it as I had it before I got frustrated. It looks alright, I wanted something a little more light blue like I had just yesterday. Maybe tomorrow the internet will get better.

Here is some links I stole from other sites:

Check out this video, I like the celebration afterwards also.

How nerdy are you?

Test your United States, state location knowledge here.

Sunday, January 23, 2005


Before the playoff started my prediction was Eagles vs. Steelers in the Superbowl. I'm halfway right as of 1 minute ago as the Eagles won the NFC championship and they are on there way to Jacksonville for the Feburary 6th Superbowl. Now its up to the Steelers vs Patriots[defending champs].

Currently listening to my favorite dj'ette Ellen Allien who put out an excellent IDM album with Berlinette.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Aesop Rock

I saw something printed and I can't trust you

I'm so tired right now I feel like passing out but Mr. Show with Bob & David is on and I have to catch that at 4:30 am since its never on other than Friday nights. I downloaded 13 albums today but have no cd player in my car which sucks but I will survive, its not a necessity....I guess. It definatly sucks though, very much so. I finally get to sleep in tonight which will be good after having 5 hrs of sleep every day naps. Alright time to lay down and catch Bob and David. People are weird no matter how long you've known them. Wow, this was a pointless post.

Friday, January 21, 2005

I will return your silence with my silence

Everyday there would be a phone call to the apartment phone from southeast Pennsylvania. Well not everyday, exactly every other day. I pick up and say hello and hear nothing other than the click of hang up. I looked up the area code and it was 215, which was southeast Pennsylvania. This was a hassle but I would pick it up and try new things. First I did the obligatory hello....hello...?......Hello!. Then I moved on to the "I will return your silence with my silence". After that it was the pick up and hang up fast, what I like to call the "I don't have time to deal with this" method. Then today I was in a particularly good mood having downloaded 9 very very hard to find indie rock albums I've been searching for and was giving them a good listen. The Iron & Wine album, which is pure acoustic and slide guitar folk was playing and I heard the ring and looked at the caller ID and saw it was my best phone buddy 215. It was a song with very hushed vocal and finger picking and I just picked up the phone and put it to the speaker, I figured it was a good song and had to be heard without an introduction. About 7 seconds of this went by and all of a sudden the unthinkable happen… I heard a hello! I knew the day was special when I woke up today my friend but I hadn't realized how special, I was graced by a hello, a response. I didn't know how to react for about half a second. Should I hang up? Should I throw the phone against the wall? Should I let the music play? Should I say hello back? Okay those options didn't really go through my head but they were my options if I needed any. I simply said hello and the lady asked for Libby something. I recognized the name from the mail that used to come in and I said she doesn't live here. Then it was "is this a place of business?" Once again "she doesn't live here, there are four guys living in the apartment". She got the point and I mention how she would call every other day and hang up but she didn't respond, only caring about her priorities. We said our byes and parted ways, me hoping she wouldn't call but slightly missing the stupidity of it and she ending it conversation confused. Iron and Wine ameliorated this phone situation as he has the gift of fixing peoples lives with his music. That my friends is how you take a stupid phone call and turn it into a point less 466 word paragraph in hopes of wasting at least one persons

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Vast majority

So tonight we convinced Ryan to bong a beer out of my old trusty beer bong. Here is a picture right before with Ryan holding the beer and wearing his bling.

Also on a side note; I almost got in a fight with someone minutes before the picture was taken. I went out to my car to get the ole beer bong for Ryan to use and ran into someone I helped out last month when his apartment got flooded. I had one beer and was completly sober, he wasn't. His girlfriend parked next to me so I walked by and said "whats up"...he said "what" and I said "whats up" again. What did he reply you might ask?..."Fuck you" [insert some fighting words] Then I say, "don't you remember me, you came up to my apartment that one time." He replied with "I don't know you" and added some more fighting words. His girl calmed him down as I walked away and he talked more shit to me. Last month his apartment got flooded, he came out to a crowd and said can I use someones apartment to change, no one said anything so I volunteered and I even gave this total stranger down on his luck my shorts. There are a lot of people I like but a vast majority of people are assholes. Fuck people. Even if he didn't remember me it doesn't give him the right to be an asshole. I'm not a violent person no matter how drunk I am and I don't see what he had to prove. Shit like this makes me not trust people.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Found it

Finally found two albums I've been looking for for sometime now. Last years Sonic Nurse by Sonic Youth and RJD2's debut, Dead Ringer. Also located some nice Atmosphere albums. Yar.

Not that bad of a day of school. I got 5 hrs of sleep last night and thats this semesters best. I went to my first class, it seems alright and I guess a little hard but its a class I need to graduate. Then I came back and took a nap for 20 mins. Afterwards I went to my other class and there were only 7 people in there and then it turned out there was a note on the door with a new classroom location and we were stupid ones so we went to the new classroom and no one was in there. So after some talking and walking I found out it was canceled because there was only 13 people and you need 15 to have a class. But in that process I made a new friend who lives in my apartment complex and talked to an old aquantance. Then I came back took nap #2 for 15 mins and went to Philosopy of Religion. That class seems really hard but the topic is of great interest so I shall overcome. The teacher is really smart and writes every book he has for his classes. I guess thats an easy way to sell your book. Somewhere in there between classes I went grocery shopping.

The moral of the story, you can do a lot when you wake up early[er]. It seems so long ago when I started the day and went to my first class. I got so much done today and the day is still not over.


Good stuff

Tuesday, January 18, 2005


The craziness of winterbreak is over and now its time to turn my brain on again. So far it looks like I'll be taking 3 Sociology classes, 1 Anthropology [i think I might switch] and one philosopy class. Nice little class load. I'm just worried about my one sociology class, I'll actually have to do work. Its a research methods class, Sociology 4870 - Research methods. I can ace it but will I put forth the effort to do so. Most likely. All I know is that I'll still have the weekends to not give a fuck.

Picture right after the football game [tied at 28-28]. We got some good plays in there.


Stupid internet is going down but it seems like I'm back up...for now. Who knows how long that will last. I just came back from my first class and it seems like its going to be very hard and plus involves lots of walking. Now I go to my class about the French Revolution which most likely I'll switch with something interesting. Adieu.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Dead Ringer

Some people in their life can't say they have been pulled over on their bicycle before I can and after today I can say I have been pulled over in my bike twice. The weird part was that I knew I was going to get pulled over, I saw it happening before it did. Here’s how it goes;

Me: Protagonist, the good guy, the hero
Him: Antagonist, "The man", the cop, the villain
UNT Police: minor character, yearns for the life of a real cop

Denton: North Texas Drive then Stella

The Rundown;

Me: Damn that was a hellacious bike ride in the wind, I don't want to get a cold let me head home
Him: Hey there is someone on a bike, look at him go! I wish I was young.
[he watches me go by]
Me: Oh damn there’s a cop and he hasn't turned yet because he is watching me
[cop finally turns right]
Me: hey there he goes let me turn now so I can get back home. Oh crap there’s the brake lights, I bet he's going to turn around.
Him: let me turn around and see what he's up to
Me: there goes the lights, should I keep on going for a bit then stop? Na, I'm not doing anything wrong might as well stop

So I stop right on Stella, take my head phones off as he approaches

Me: Is that the Monopoly man? He's bald and has a hell of a graying mustache much like the monopoly man. It was even styled so it came to a point on either side.
Him: You have any ID sir
Me: Yes
Him: I pulled you over because you don't have any lights on the front of your bike and you need a red reflector on the back.
Me: Oh? (as I act interested)
Him: Yes, do you have any ID
Me: Yes (as I reach in my back pack and then hand him my ID)
Him: How do you say your last name?
[I reply]
Him: One more time
[I reply]
Him: puricskal?
[i correct him]
Him: Are you a student?
Me: Yes, I go to UNT
Him: Where do you live?
[some other BS questions and he walks back to the squad car]

A second before he turned and turned his lights on a UNT police passes the other way and then circles around to see if the real police need any help. So they sit there and check my ID on the computer and have some conversation as I freeze my ass off. I turn back and see him writing on a clipboard.

Me: Damn I hope I don't get a ticket for this stupid shit.
Him: good thing he's not a "dangerous minority" and he has no record

He comes back in a happier mood, I'm just going to write you a warning so my boss knows I'm doing my job blah blah blah and then he almost makes it off with my ID and comes back and gives it to me.

I pack my stuff, zip my bag up, put my cd on a good track and he sits there and waits for me to leave so I took my time. Right when he hit those brake lights I knew I was in for a nice encounter of some sort. He also warned me about riding around "the hood" and there are drunks this late at night. The hood he was referring to was Stella. Also not to ride around when the weather is so bad. I didn't mind as long as I didn’t get a ticket and he was a nice guy. But I'm not even exaggerating when I say he looked like the monopoly man, he was a dead ringer.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005


I saw my advisor today and I am very close to graduation. If I do 15 hrs this semester, 7hrs during Summer School, 15 hrs the following semester I can graduate this year. Yowzas. Maybe some more if I want a minor which I do but I think there is a loop hole I can slip into and minor in Social Sciences. I'm not sure if I want that because it's like majoring in Sociology and having a minor in sociolgy. Thats the forecast for this academic year.


Monday, January 10, 2005


Article: How to Argue With Females

Step 1. Abandon all logic. Girls don't use it, and you certainly shouldn't allow it to handicap you.

read the rest here

Apparently I setup an account with the Haitian Connection. I must of been drunk and not remember. Either way I find this page everytime I look for me on google. That bio is so me.

Also found:

Bukharian Jewish Organization of Youth (
Bjoy Plumbing & Construction Ltd.: Used Construction Equipment
Blue Jacket of the Year (BJOY)
and a picture of an ugly dog

Googlefight : Comparing hits on google searching two different items. Fun for about 17 seconds and I don't know any practical uses for it but it here.

I'm looking forward to...

Low's new album

Sunday, January 09, 2005

My small time operation

!!!...My website was mentioned on a site that I'm a big fan of!, I didn't even do anything but someone appreciated some of my web forums post....Nas and QOTSA. This is some big shit to me, I was just scrolling down and then all of a sudden:

2 links and my description followed by
(Thx to Think Tank)

Damn, my small time operation got mentioned on one of the big boys, thats a feat for me and I'm damn proud. Should of seen the big grin on my face when I first read it.

Thanks to Het Liegend Konijn mention.

Friday, January 07, 2005

Great Ghosts

Its good to be back in my apartment with my stuff and my own space. I missed my bathroom with its water pressure and my computer with its fast Internet and stockpile of music. I like my TV with the luxury of remote control, when I was sick with the stomach flu and had little energy to move around and no remote I was forced to watch the reality television of "Big Man On Campus" because I didn't want to get up. I do miss my moms food though.

Now that I'm back I've been catching up on some the softer stylings of one of my favorite musicians. He made this album and when I heard it I was 19 and I thought it was the best album I have ever heard. It's still up there. After hearing that I wouldn't except anything else that he put out before or after. Now I've come to appreciate all his music, I think he is the most under-appreciated musician in indie music. I appreciate his music more when its late late late into the night and everyone’s asleep and I slip my headphones on with the extension so I can walk around my room.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

At night

Here is some pictures I took on New Years Eve night that I made into a little slide show. I didn't get pictures of everyone but what can I do now.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

eat fresh

Monday, January 03, 2005

New Years