Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Emerald City

One of my favorite musicians is hitting the road in support of his new album. John Vanderslice will be releasing his new album Emerald City on Barsuk (July 24), and of course the album is now available for pre-order on cd and vinyl. Barsuk posted the track White Dove from the album recently, adding to the collection of downloads from 6 other JV releases.

John Vanderslice - White Dove

some other JV tracks here and here.

Tour dates here.

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I'm little late on the Misha boat and their debut album Teardrop Sweetheart, out last week on Tomlab. Better late than never. Nothing groundbreaking or terribly unique but a great soundtrack to these rainy weeks we've been having lately in Texas.

Misha - Scars (zshare)
Misha - Summersend

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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Mos Definite

I'm getting kind of lazy, there are more than a few things that I wanted to mention since I last posted but never got to them. The only thing I remember is Mos Def.

Mos Def has a new album of unreleased tracks spanning his entire rap career called Mos Definite. Its not available in the US so good luck finding it unless you want to shell out $25+ at an online retailer. One of the stand out track is the legendary Beef, the first time I heard it was when it was played on the Dave Chapelle Show but I hadn't heard it since and pretty much forgot about it. In my opinion its Mos Def at his best.

Mos Def - Beef [zshare]


Sunday, June 17, 2007

On repeat

Band of Horses cover The New Year on their UK single for Funeral from last years Everything All the Time. The song originally appears on The New Years second album The End is Near from 2004. Its amazing how Band of Horses interpret the song, the strongest change is what Ben Bridwell vocals does to it. I don't think Band of Horses could of possibly done it any better. I've had this track on repeat for some time now.

Band of Horses - The End's Not Near

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Friday, June 08, 2007


Sage Francis is coming into Dallas tonight at the Granada Theater. He'll be bringing Buck 65, Alias, and Buddy Wakefield with him to open. His new album is my favorite in his catalog so I'm pretty excited to see him live. Also I don't really get a chance to see live hip hop often aside from drunk people free-styling.

Sage Francis - Hell Of A Year (ode to 2005)

Download couple of tracks here.

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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Queens of the Stone Age Cover Elliott Smith

Kind of odd choice of covers, good song none the less but not something I would expect from QOTSA. The original appeared on Elliott Smiths self titled album on KRS, his best release in my opinion. This cover track is taken from QOSTA's cd single for 3's & 7's which was released yesterday/today. The single, 3's & 7's, is a track from QOTSA's newest and 5th album Era Vulgaris out June 12th.

Queens of the stone age - Christian Brothers [Elliott Smith cover] [zshare]

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