Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Coupla Easy Things

Went to a new class today and I have another one tomorrow and then I will have had gone to all my classes finally. Lots of school work this semester, way more than any other. Lots of reading...if I weren't so lazy this would be a good relationship.

Physical Therapy or PT as the ones in the know say it is going well, I'm at 125 degrees flexion. Everyone is nice here and its about 200 yards from my apartment. There is this large girl who plays HS softball I think (thats what large girls play right?) shows up and rides the bike when I am doing my exercises. She stares at me like I'm a German Chocolat cake the whole time she is riding. Today brought in a guy with one leg and he had some poetry he wrote to woe the nurses and physical therapists with and was showing that around. Pretty nice mustache though. He lost his leg in a December car accident.

I'm still wearing the brace, I have to wait till the doc tells me I don't have to which is stupid because walking around campus it looks like I have an irregular sized leg and a normal one. You see the problem I had before surgery is that my knee wasn't stable. He'd take it and grab my upper shin and my lower thigh (right between my knee) and move it back and forth and say here is the problem, then show how my other knee didn't do that.


At 4:18 PM, September 09, 2004, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You mean thats a brace?....huh....and to think all this time I was thinking your leg was...

my bad


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