Monday, November 22, 2004

Inside out

Not as motivated to post as I used to be. Maybe thanksgiving will give me a good break. Got into a little car trouble when I went off to an old farm road [FM423] to pee and then turned around and my car sunk into a ditch because its been raining for a week or so. I put some tennis rackets under the tires... that didn't work, put some flat stones under the tires...that didn’t work...put some random hay underneath...that didn't work. I called in for reinforcements and they were on the way but before they came by a random guy drove by and I flashed my lights and he asked what the problem was and I told him and he reached to the passenger seat and pulled out a tow rope. He happened to be a mechanic of sorts so I was saved. In about 2 mins I was out and driving off. I did get pulled over by a state trooper minutes before and got a warning. It was the most friendly cop situation I have ever dealt with, some friendly conversation a smile a laugh and good bye. Good thing though, I had consumed some scotch whiskey and some wine right before I left my uncles house. Lady luck was on my side last night.


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