Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The whole idea behind it

Today is a big day for television, first and foremost the Mavericks start their series against the Phoenix Suns. Then secondly the Lost 2 hours season finale is going to be on tonight on abc. I haven't watched the whole season but I've kept up the last few months. I'm pretty hooked.

I'm sure fans of the band know that Deerhoofs bassist/guitarist Chris Cohen quit the band recently. For me Deerhoof is pretty hit or miss but when they hit, its always really good. There is some good news in the Deerhoof front, they are offering a new EP of covers and live tracks to download. As the site says: "For fun, download new E.P. of cover songs and live stuff." Link. Of course the Rrrrrrright remixes deserve attention also.

and some more Deerhoof:

The Great Car Tomb [mp3]
Holy Night Fever [mp3]
Sealed With A Kiss [mp3]
Milking [mp3]
Wrong Time Capsule [mp3]
Gore In Rut [mp3]

Indie Interviews has an interview with the indie rock veteran and one of my favorite musicians John Vanderslice

MOKB has 10 covers of one of my all time favorite songs, Where is my mind (originally by the Pixies). I think the Nada Surf version is my favorite cover.


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