Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Small Victory

So class got out and it was raining, not very hard but persistent, it didn't look like the rain was going to give so I decided to walk to my car. After I turned the corner it picked up, I wasn't going to turn back because of water, I was heading back to my apartment anyway. By the time I walk 7mins in the rain I saw I got a ticket, my first of this school year. I was so mad, with the rain (which stopped right when I got in my car), sleepiness and ticket I just went straight to the UNT public safety/Police Station to bitch about my ticket. It was more dramatic because I still had the anger of just getting my ticket and I was completly soaked standing there talking to them. They shrugged and I showed them I had to park on campus with my handicap note from my doctor but they said they couldn’t do anything and I should get a handicap tag from Collin County Tax office. The only thing I wanted was my ticket to be taken away. If I got the tag, I would also have to pay $100 plus dollars for a parking tag so I could use the handicap one on campus. Either way I'm appealing the ticket, which I have successfully done before. I have never paid a UNT ticket and I don't plan on it, I got my other two deferred. I walked away with a temporary D parking tag for two weeks for $5. After I got back I look where Tag D lets me park and its all the faculty and staff areas, which is the second best one next to “reserved”. A small victory.

Me - 03 UNT - 00


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