Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Who Could Win a Rabbit

Lost the internet for a little bit today, then blogger was being a bitch for about an hour and now here I am. I stopped by Wal-mart and bought me a drink. I thought maybe I'll have few beers but then I thought I should take down a mans drink tonight...Boones Farm, Snow Creek Berry. Boones Farm, the tonic of choice back in the days of "word".

The semester is almost over and I hadn't really thought about it but I'll be in school for 4 years after this semester. I was thinking about it over the Thanksgiving break. About getting a job and not doing the college things that I like o-so-much, what I'm going to do after college, where I'm goin to live (sure as hell not home for too long). I knew I was getting there but it seems like it happen so fast. It seemed like just last year I was a freshman driving up to the dorm room and moving my stuff in and meeting my first roomate for the first time. What am I going to do next year, am I going to live here still...probably but I hate staying in one place for too long. This is the longest I've lived in one place for this long since the end of High School. I put on my headphones on and started listening to all this old music I used to listen to when I was in high school last night in the dark when I couldn't fall asleep. Every song reminded me of something different. Ok now I always tell myself this but I always ramble on when I had a few drinks in me, I shall stop now as I am sure this is all ramble.


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