Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Found it

Finally found two albums I've been looking for for sometime now. Last years Sonic Nurse by Sonic Youth and RJD2's debut, Dead Ringer. Also located some nice Atmosphere albums. Yar.

Not that bad of a day of school. I got 5 hrs of sleep last night and thats this semesters best. I went to my first class, it seems alright and I guess a little hard but its a class I need to graduate. Then I came back and took a nap for 20 mins. Afterwards I went to my other class and there were only 7 people in there and then it turned out there was a note on the door with a new classroom location and we were stupid ones so we went to the new classroom and no one was in there. So after some talking and walking I found out it was canceled because there was only 13 people and you need 15 to have a class. But in that process I made a new friend who lives in my apartment complex and talked to an old aquantance. Then I came back took nap #2 for 15 mins and went to Philosopy of Religion. That class seems really hard but the topic is of great interest so I shall overcome. The teacher is really smart and writes every book he has for his classes. I guess thats an easy way to sell your book. Somewhere in there between classes I went grocery shopping.

The moral of the story, you can do a lot when you wake up early[er]. It seems so long ago when I started the day and went to my first class. I got so much done today and the day is still not over.


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