Thursday, January 13, 2005

Dead Ringer

Some people in their life can't say they have been pulled over on their bicycle before I can and after today I can say I have been pulled over in my bike twice. The weird part was that I knew I was going to get pulled over, I saw it happening before it did. Here’s how it goes;

Me: Protagonist, the good guy, the hero
Him: Antagonist, "The man", the cop, the villain
UNT Police: minor character, yearns for the life of a real cop

Denton: North Texas Drive then Stella

The Rundown;

Me: Damn that was a hellacious bike ride in the wind, I don't want to get a cold let me head home
Him: Hey there is someone on a bike, look at him go! I wish I was young.
[he watches me go by]
Me: Oh damn there’s a cop and he hasn't turned yet because he is watching me
[cop finally turns right]
Me: hey there he goes let me turn now so I can get back home. Oh crap there’s the brake lights, I bet he's going to turn around.
Him: let me turn around and see what he's up to
Me: there goes the lights, should I keep on going for a bit then stop? Na, I'm not doing anything wrong might as well stop

So I stop right on Stella, take my head phones off as he approaches

Me: Is that the Monopoly man? He's bald and has a hell of a graying mustache much like the monopoly man. It was even styled so it came to a point on either side.
Him: You have any ID sir
Me: Yes
Him: I pulled you over because you don't have any lights on the front of your bike and you need a red reflector on the back.
Me: Oh? (as I act interested)
Him: Yes, do you have any ID
Me: Yes (as I reach in my back pack and then hand him my ID)
Him: How do you say your last name?
[I reply]
Him: One more time
[I reply]
Him: puricskal?
[i correct him]
Him: Are you a student?
Me: Yes, I go to UNT
Him: Where do you live?
[some other BS questions and he walks back to the squad car]

A second before he turned and turned his lights on a UNT police passes the other way and then circles around to see if the real police need any help. So they sit there and check my ID on the computer and have some conversation as I freeze my ass off. I turn back and see him writing on a clipboard.

Me: Damn I hope I don't get a ticket for this stupid shit.
Him: good thing he's not a "dangerous minority" and he has no record

He comes back in a happier mood, I'm just going to write you a warning so my boss knows I'm doing my job blah blah blah and then he almost makes it off with my ID and comes back and gives it to me.

I pack my stuff, zip my bag up, put my cd on a good track and he sits there and waits for me to leave so I took my time. Right when he hit those brake lights I knew I was in for a nice encounter of some sort. He also warned me about riding around "the hood" and there are drunks this late at night. The hood he was referring to was Stella. Also not to ride around when the weather is so bad. I didn't mind as long as I didn’t get a ticket and he was a nice guy. But I'm not even exaggerating when I say he looked like the monopoly man, he was a dead ringer.


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