Friday, December 31, 2004

The Past and Pending

I was thinking back about this year and all that happen and I came to a realization that this year was not that eventful. As events in my life go; 2003 I started going to a new school and turned 21, 2002 I moved into my first apartment and felt the freedoms of that, 2001 I graduated High School and started college. What happen in 2004.... alright that was 2 minutes of thinking and I couldn't think of anything important enough to mention.

2004, the year that’s doomed to be forgotten. Maybe I'm just getting old. Old, that’s when life isn't as fun right? I'll have to ask someone that’s older...older than me. I think when you are young everything is so exciting and new and then you get older and see the world as it really is and apathy kicks in and your reality is more reality based. You see things more clearly and life starts to have limits. I'm sure this is just a slump, 2005 has the possiblity of me graduating and other randomness. This year wasn't bad it just wasn't memorable.


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