Saturday, December 25, 2004

What I remember from this year

do dodo dodo dodo dodododo....

"Leave some shards under the belly
Lay some grease inside my hand
It's a sentimental jury
And the makings of a good plan
You've come to love me lightly
Yeah you come to hold me tight
Is this motion ever lasting
Or do shudders pass in the night?"

A lot of website/blogs I frequent have a music theme or undertone so they usually have their top albums of the year and I do too and have done so for the past 3 years. Its some sort of musical closure for the year, if I would remember, I would do a half a year list because a year is a long time and I think my mind remembers in 6 month spans. Without my computer or my music infront of me, I can't really do that but here this the best I can from memory. My theory is if I can remember them without being infront of me it has to be good. no order

Indie Rock:


A.C. Newman
The Slow Wonder

Modest Mouse
Good News for People Who Love Bad News

Animal Collective
Sung Tongs

The Arcade Fire


Your Blues

I hope I'm not leaving anything out


Hip Hop:

Kanye West
The College Dropout


Streets Discipline


Top Singles or "If this cd was played in heaven...heaven would explode" :

1. Interpol - Evil
2. Madvillians - Accordian
3. Destroyer - Its going to take an Airplane
4. Ratatat - 17 Years
5. The Arcade Fire - Lakia
6. Sonic Youth - Unmade Bed
7. Kanye West - Jesus Walks
8. The Walkmen - The Rat
9. The Go! Team - Junior Kickstart or Huddle Formation
10. MF Doom - Kookies [why not]

That top three, thats what its all about. I still listen to those badboys to this day. What are everyone elses favorite songs/albums of the year? All genres welcome.


At 10:00 PM, December 08, 2017, Blogger Love Kpop said...

I'm looking for a few bugs in my post. But I think I should have someone look and point out it.


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