Tuesday, December 14, 2004

I lost momentum

Spent a nice 3 days in Allen. Drank few beers, played some tennis, played with my cousins and came back.

The ride back was pretty cool with the Geminid meteors shower. I saw five driving to Denton and seven in my patio. I think I'm going to go sit out there with some tea and watch it some more. Too bad the low tonight is 23°F. You're suppose to be able to see one or two every minute which seems pretty accurate.

I went to the thrift store today and got a shirt. When I went in there I saw a manly lady with a mullet. I was all imagining her life of dominating men; yelling at them to get her a beer, slapping them around and demanding them to make her dinner. Then I got another glance and no no no my friend this was no woman this was a very very feminine man. It looked like a very homosexual one. He walked by me and gave me this look.... well a stare. It wasn't pleasant because it looked like that glance we had was a "moment" to him. After that I was scared but I kept to myself. I had to be home by a certain time so I got my shirt and left. I walked out of the store and got into my car and started to reverse. Then I see the same guy walking out to my car and in my mind I think "wouldn't it be creepy if that guy came out to talk to me". I look at his face and he is smiling at me and points to me and me gives me a come-hither motion with his finger as I was right about to leave and starts smiling bigger. I stop for a second stunned and he comes over by my door and I shift to drive and get the fuck out of there. I look in my rear view and he turned right around and started to go in just acting like nothing happen. So,

a) what the fuck
b) what the fuck
c) come on dude if I were gay I would be so out of your league
d) what the fuck dude
e) for a second I thought I should call goodwill and report him but then I thought I'd just laugh it off
e) WTF!
f) I forgot what f is for but
g) that dude had to be in his late 30s and looked like a junky who smoked too many cigarettes in his lifetime.
h) now I'm just rambling
i) that's a shitty area of McKinney and has a lot of shady characters
j) I'd better stop I lost momentum


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