Wednesday, December 01, 2004

N. Korea

Today I went to a guest lecturer. It was titled "U.S. POLICY TOWARD NORTH KOREA". Best guest lecturer that I've been to that I can recall. This is something that picked to do a research paper and speech about freshman year of College so I came in pretty knowledgable about the situation, names and policies. This was a guy who actually was allowed and able to talk to the high ranking officials of North Korea and tour many areas many people couldn't. He is currently working with the North Korean Government and ABC News as a consultant setting up the first interview with Kim Jong IL ever. The room was packed and people were sitting on the floor, I was really getting into it then someone pulled the fire alarm in the building. Usually I won't mind this but this was something I want to be at. We all evacutated the building and a Denton Police Department guy looked around the building and let us back from the cold in within 10 mins. I came back in and all the people who came in because they had to for class just left and the people who wanted to be there came back including me. It was a nice mix of people, lots of suits, I think the Dean of Political Sciences and some others deans and I think maybe the President of the University sat behind me. Afterwards I walked home and took a nap. The End.


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