Monday, December 06, 2004

The book of right on

Just finished watching the Cowboys game. First the Cowboys were obviously going to lose with the Seahawks taking charge early, then they were obviously going to win with 26 unanswered points, then they were going to obviously lose with 25 unanswered points. I was sitting there thinking about how often the Cowboys have let me down this season especially with such a nice 29-17 lead. Just as I was thinking that a 30 yard catch by Johnson started building up hope again. Then a run by jones for a touchdown after a nice on-side with 30 seconds left till victory and they held on. Cowboys toying with my emotions with this 43-39 victory. Best Cowboys game I've seen in more than a season. There is a nice chance we can win the rest of the seasons games other than the one against the eagles, they've only lost 1 game this season.


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