Thursday, December 23, 2004

Everything is going as planned

I have acomplished little since winter break so everything is going as planned. It snowed today and I went outside and scrapped snow and ice off my windsheild and threw a snowball or two at my mailbox. I did get my grades back and as expected, there goes my nice GPA. I kind of knew this was coming but I was hoping for the best. I got 3 B's and one A which is not bad but not good enough to keep me at where I was. I'm thinking about grad school so I need to keep my grads up. Not like full-time grad school, more like a night class or two each semester. My sociology professor gave me the heads up that C's don't cut it in grad school and equals a fail. But I'm not even halfway sure about that even. I'd say about 31%. Well thats me, a head full of unsureities.


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