Tuesday, December 14, 2004

incase of volatile situations

We lost the bowl game today so all this finals schedule change was pointless in my book. I already started my winter break and don't feel like studying since there is a one week bloc between my finals. So I didn't feel like doing anything but I forced my self to do a little studying.

This guy from the 1st floor had his water sprinklers come on in his living room. While we [me and the ryster] watched the chaos we decide we needed to prepare so we devised a code system incase of volatile situations we can yell these out and know whats up.

code 1: wild animal in apt
code 2: stranger in apt
code 3: ryan walking around naked everyone go into lockdown mode
code 4: water sprinklers

Probably need more tarps and such for these situations. That guy who got rained on was pretty pissed off and I felt bad for him but I gave him some shorts and let him change in our place.

Video game link soon to be posted. Ju s t f or y a s l uts.


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