Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Land of Nod

I have been having some crazy dreams the past two nights. Not like insane dreams but they were playing out like a movies.

Monday was Sci-Fi Adventure in the high-rise dorm rooms, which my mom woke me up and interrupted right before a countdown was finished and the evil lady was lurking. You see the land lady was this pale/green skinned lady that looked evil (resembling the bride of Frankenstein) and a group of us who lived in the building went to the dark, cob-webbed basement where she lived but she caught us. We started running up the stairs before she got us and it was a chase. There was probably 10-15 of us and as soon as I got out I got the cop who was sitting outside and it was Danny Devito (I think this was from the 'Friends' episode I saw the day before). She covered it up with a lie and we all new it was a lie except the cop. Most everyone cleared out and we saw a key hole of sorts but it was two circles, like glasses and we tried to see if this piece of cardboard would fit in and inadvertently covered the light in the room and it was pitch black and we saw something glowing in the dark and as I focused on it, I saw there were a countdown being displayed and my mom knocked on my door and woke me up to go shopping with her. I wonder what the countdown would of led to.

Last nights started with getting beat up with the stick end of a rake by a friend, I was dizzy, almost passing out. Then I got up thinking they left and all of a sudden was being attacked again but this time I defended myself from being hit but didn't want to hit them back, just not get hurt. Then I was running around Denton? It was summer and everyone was outside doing summer things like playing sports and such. There was also envy, jealousy and anger, scenes in my parents house, few scenes with family, a scene driving through a creek... there’s other important parts but basically it ended with me being down and depleted and heading back to my room at night, away from all the craziness to go to sleep early then I thought instead I should drink whiskey to make up for a shitty day then I woke up feeling like listening to the Cure. I was really into this dream because it felt real and the bruises I got with the rake fight in the beginning were there the whole time during the dream and I kept on feeling them on my forehead but that was an irrelevant part of the dream, just an intro to a crazy day. It was also in both Allen and Denton like they were the same city. I woke at 930 in the am and thought why is there bright sunlight shiny in my room and then realized this was what morning was like. I couldn't go back to sleep just thinking about the dream so I just got up with 4 hours of sleep and got my oil changed and hit up the thrift stores.

My theory is that I've been lazying around not doing much, with a lack of excitement my mind made up for it with these dreams. I rarely have coherent dreams that have long and drawn out stories with plots and two nights in a row is unheard of. Maybe I’m just remembering them now because I took a nap today and remembered a dream a I had then too. My dream with the rake left me in disarray when I woke up but now that I thought about it that dream is one of my favorites I had in a long time because it had more meaning than anything else I dream about. I’m pretty sure it won’t happen again tonight since I’m thinking about it.

Maybe I can make a movie out of it. As directors, I would get Tim Burton to do the first dream as a lighthearted sci-fi. Darren Aronofsky to do the second one as a dark comedy without a happy ending but of course closure. Oh yea the second one co-written by Chuck Palahniuk and end credits with the Soundgarden song “fell on black days”. Yea, I'm rambling but then again I’m a loser.


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