Sunday, September 10, 2006

Pinbacks Nautical Antiques

At the end of August Pinback quiety released a rarities collection Nautical Antiques on Ace Fu. According to the Pinback fansite, Pinbackfreak the tracks on the new release consists of tracks unreleased in the states, appearing on demos and various b-sides on european-only releases. All these were pretty much available online if you looked for them, the only ones that I didn't have were the 3 alternate takes.

From Nautical Antiques
Pinback - Messenger

Random Pinback tracks

Pinback - AFK
Pinback - Fortress
Pinback - Microtonic Waves
Pinback - B
Pinback - Offline PK
Pinback - Manchuria
Pinback - Chaos Engine
Pinback - Lyon

thanks to pinbackfreak for the mp3 links


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Hi, it's PINBACKFREAKS.COM since Oct2008.

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