Thursday, September 16, 2004


Look at that moon phase monitor on the right panel. I would of never been able to do that on Tripod. I have learned so much more html functions and code with this new page.

I went to see a speaker at the Silver Eagle Union Suite or some name like that. First time there so I was a bit late. Projected attendance was 800 people, which it seems like whoever comes up with these numbers usually over shoots it a lot. I walked in and I couldn't move, there were a lot of people sitting in chairs and a lot sitting everywhere else so I sat on the ground. It had to be 1000 plus people. There was free lunch after wards for everyone there who got the oh so precious ORANGE TICKET (loud booming voice echoing). I saw the mendicants who hadn’t got a ticket or attended try to get some free food, I laughed loudly. It was imperative that I got preference over these mendicants (Sealab-2021). It was worth missing Criminal Justice. Word.

happy dance


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