Saturday, October 30, 2004

Halloween pt.1

Last night we started with some drinking games and then Joe took us to someones apartment where we hung out and drank some beers. Then our beers ran out and we went off wandering. Got stopped by a cop and got id'd and told to keep it down. So we started back to the apt to get some more beer and Ryan wanted to do some chalk drawings in front of a balcony of a party so I suggested "I heart Penis" he wrote that and they asked us to come up. Then about half hour later we got some guy to take his cloths off and walk through the party. I really didnt think he was going to do it but he didnt hesitate. He did his rounds for about 5 mins and then came back and put his cloths back on. We came back pretty nice and wasted and that was the night. Fun was had.



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