Monday, October 25, 2004

Stranger Danger

So I'm sitting at my isolated spot in the library in the far corner and some guy comes by and asks me am I a TAMS student which is basically a smart high school kid who gets to go to college with the older kids. Well let me back up a little, the story has more to it.

So I'm sitting in my desk in the corner like I said in the Willis Library basement floor and I see and an Asian guy walk towards me looking around. He goes to the bookshelf 3 feet from the back of my desk. Right when he did this I new he was up to something because no one reads the archives because they are all computerized. I also saw a girl do this once when she wanted to talk to me about out Criminal Justice test but didn't know me. You see I actually do read the archives when I'm bored and it's not bad. So he gets a book right there and sits right next to me with a whole 10 or so empty desks next to me, I just lump it as a coincidence either that or he is trying to pick up on me. Then he gets up and puts it up and looks over my should and says how are you doing in your Math class, I respond, "I'm doing alright"

Then he sits down and asks me am I a TAMS student I said no and he ask was I a foreign exchange student, I said no I've lived in Texas my whole life. Then some random talk about each other then he says alright let me give me you number I have a company here and few other places. It's some online setup where he works with companies like Office Max and Barnes and Nobles and some others and he sets them up online for online shopping I think. So he gave me his card and he is CEO & Business Development. So he offers me a job and explains his company and asks me do I know some people who go here who are involved in his Co. He is a student of Business Marketing but he looks like he is in his late 20s maybe. Either way he said there was this guy coming by who was also a part of the Co. and if I was free Tuesday and I said I had to study all day so he said he'll give me a call sometime. I don't know if this guy is legit but he seems harmless.

After that I lost my attention span to study and read for 45 mins and left to pick up my 1hr photos. There are some nice pics which I will post up soon when I get them scanned.


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