Saturday, October 23, 2004


I'm loving the fridays, the first good night of partying and you always have saturday to continue the fun.

Went to the Bonfire last night and it was pretty fun, then we went to a party at ervins friends house which was pretty cool. There was a keg of Shiner and I like my Shiner. Met and talked to some interesting people. Including a blind guy who I watched play piano and a guy from Gaza.

Think Tank forums get more time than this page but I think more people pay attention to this page. I have more fun with figuring out all the ins and outs of message boarding and I post there a lot more. Anyone want to be an Administrator you know who to talk to or post some stuff feel free to do so. Also there are lots of albums and songs linked feel free to put up some. Or a link to a cool page or video.


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