Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Something about mondays

Monday is when I get the most hits on this site. I got 42 yesterday, tied for the most in one day this month. Check this out also, this is where the people have been viewing from this month:

Country of origin
1. United States=== 347 ---97.7 %
2. United Kingdom=== 2 ---0.6 %
3. Canada=== 2 ---0.6 %
4. Brazil=== 1 ---0.3 %
5. Pakistan=== 1 ---0.3 %
6. Uruguay=== 1 ---0.3 %
7. Singapore=== 1 ---0.3 %

Total= 355 ---100.0 %

I want to see how many different countries I can get on the list.


Today (tuesday) marks the release of two great albums:

Elliott Smiths last album which I downloaded today and Ted Leos new album. I'm looking forward to both but mostly Ted Leo. I heard few tracks and I'm sold. I haven't heard a good punk record in a while so I'm anticipating "Shake the Sheets". Aversion.com described Ted Leo as "the thinking mans punk". Odd but I do agree.


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