Saturday, October 16, 2004


Well as it goes bands break up. When I was 14, the guy with the locker next to mine had a cut out picture from rolling stone of a band, I asked him who they were and he said they were Luna, "the most underrated band in the world". Of course that would catch my interest saying such a bold statement like that. So I went home and downloaded my first mp3 or mp2? ever, Luna, "Fuzzy Wuzzy", it was just a clip but it was all I could get. I thought the song was good but I didn't hear anything more of there material till about a year later. Then I bought their 4th album, Pup Tent with "Fuzzy Wuzzy" on it. It was alright, I liked maybe 2 or 3 songs. Then as time went by my musical tastes started maturing and I appreciated different kinds of music and I found myself listening the Pup Tent and liking a lot of songs. I heard they had another album out only in Europe because they got dropped from Elektra. "The Days of Our Nights" was the first import I ever bought. I read once Dean Wareham doing an interview in which he said that his goal for this band was to make every album better than the previous. Its a musicians cliché but this proved right for this album, then the next was better and so forth. Since, I have purchase the last 5 albums of theirs, each better than the previous, Romantica the newest being my favorite. I also got a side project of Dean Wareham’s with the bass player from Luna, Dean and Britta.

Luna has a Velvet Underground sound with a little more Dream pop. I once heard someone say that they were the American version of Belle and Sebastian. He has a talk singing voice, kind of talking kind of singing. They do the best Sweet Child O' Mine cover I have ever heard, its slowed down and more dream popish. They have a new album coming out, Rendezvous which is their last album. The farewell tour started yesterday, in Japan I think. I'm going to see them when they come here. Eight years listening to Luna.

I'm pretty sure there is no one who reads this web pages who will get into that kind of music so I didn't go off and look for a track to post on here. I had to mention Luna though because I was shocked when I heard they broke up yesterday and have been listening to them very frequently.

"Well they're swapping pharmaceuticals in Mussolini Park
And they're wigglin' and wobbilin' and dozin' in the dark
And it's winter in New Jersey and it's Christmas in New York
With a giggle and a stare and a bottle and a cork
And Kristina took your photo with a needle and a spoon
But she said we got to hurry cos her dad will be home soon
And these superfreaky memories have put me in my place
But then my superfreaky memories are gone without a trace"

Luna - superfreaky memories


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