Wednesday, October 20, 2004

From a Basement on the Hill

I got on my bike and rode for the first time since early august. I can't ride like I use to for couple hours covering serveral miles but I'm starting back up. Also went to the Docs and he said I was a head of schedule and was impressed with my knees healing here is the dialog.

i'm laying down on his table thing so he can look at my knee. He moves it back an forth like he did last time.

Dr: "Oh that is good, its so tight...oh yea thats so tight"

I try not to laugh. Then he calls my mom over to show her

Dr. "Look how tight this is yea."

the enthusiasm is laughable. He did and said the same thing last time. Then he said I can ride my bike and suggested that I use the UNT rec center and said some machines to use and not to use a lot of weight. I didn't recall all what he said other than bike, step thingy, squats and not to do leg presses or any kicking motion activities. So I did my exercises today in my room after being lazy for 20 some odd days, its not the same with out the equipment so I just did some quadsets, isometrics and some others I don't know the names of. Soon my bionic knee shall be in full effect with more power, a knee in the head will take someones life. Watch out.

New Elliott Smith is fucking good especially the one song I aquired in August. I think it has the best lyrics he has ever written. Finally got the .rar opened and got to hear the album.


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