Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Elections to watch

Of course there is the presidential election everyone is keeping their eye on but there are many other interesting elections going down.

Alaska Measure 2: Legalizing Marijuana -- This one is not polled yet but I don't think it will pass. It might, being so close to Canada and they are more lenient toward legalizing it. Me personally, am against it. I am for Canada legalizing it but not the US.

Montana Initiative 148: Medical Marijuana, Oregon Measure 33: Medical Marijuana -- I see no harm. As long as you are not having fun

11 states are doing the Bans on same sex marriage vote. I didn't know people voted for these things, I would like to see what the citizens (who vote) think. Update as of 845p: >8 states go yes on Bans within their states >3 states: not counted yet >0 against bans

Bush is weighing in heavy, he needs 100 more electoral votes.

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