Monday, November 08, 2004

little victories

So I finally called my neighbor and couldn't get hold of the one I wanted to talk to but I got a hold of his wife. You see I called with my cell phone and they read the caller ID and wouldnt pick up, so I used a phone card and that did the trick. It wasn't pretty but damn did I piss her off. I can't ever talk to her husband because he is a scared little man. He was in the background and she asked do you want to talk to him(me)and he said no. He hides from me and once even ran away. I feel like such a bully. It feels nice to be able to scare a 50 year old man like that. I called my mom afterward and gave her details. It's pretty fun causing all this ruckus, it's like a hobby or a difficult game that you play even though you know you won't win but you'll have those little victories. And thats what it's all for children, thats what its all for.

Thats him at night crying and hoping I won't hurt him.


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