Saturday, January 29, 2005


I have been downloading a lot of music lately as usual and found the K-Os [pronounced chaos] album I wanted. As usual I went through all the files then I went to the root address and found it to be a message board, a nazi message board. It was really odd. I thought it had to be a joke but then I read some of it and found out it wasn't. There was good music on the folders but it felt odd downloading from them. Anyway I found the link on a message board I frequent multiple times a day and replyed about it being a nazi site. I went off then for about 4 hours and drank and played some cards and ate. Afterwards I came back and the message board is all a blazing about my post. It was crazy. People we siding with me and against me and apoligizing and all I wanted to do was mention this small fact, all the while I didn't give an opinion. Crazyness of the internet


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