Wednesday, January 26, 2005

the secret migration

I am coming to love Wednesday nights and here is why

I don't have to go the eye gouging Visual Display class. I took this class thinking it would teach me computer related visual elements. Nope, it’s basically a class on PowerPoint and speech all in one. Its frustrating because I could of took this when I was in 7th grade and made an A. To boot, I hated speech class.

My Philosophy reading obligation is done for the week. This week...9 chapters. It's a good book and I'm kind of happy I have the grade motivation to read it. Basically the whole class is about this one book. Its a sequel to Dostoyevsky's The Brothers Karamazov supposedly "the greatest book written" but I've heard that few times before. He's the same guy who wrote Crime and Punishment. It's pretty lame because the instructor wrote the sequel and we have to read his book and talk about it everyday in class. It's a good book about;

"Exploring the secret depths of humanity's struggles and sins, Dostoyevsky unfolds a grand epic which attempts to venture into mankind's darkest heart, and grasp the true meaning of existence".

Its a good read about religion, ethics and morals.

Now my week consists of one class tomorrow and one class Friday.



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