Thursday, January 20, 2005

Vast majority

So tonight we convinced Ryan to bong a beer out of my old trusty beer bong. Here is a picture right before with Ryan holding the beer and wearing his bling.

Also on a side note; I almost got in a fight with someone minutes before the picture was taken. I went out to my car to get the ole beer bong for Ryan to use and ran into someone I helped out last month when his apartment got flooded. I had one beer and was completly sober, he wasn't. His girlfriend parked next to me so I walked by and said "whats up"...he said "what" and I said "whats up" again. What did he reply you might ask?..."Fuck you" [insert some fighting words] Then I say, "don't you remember me, you came up to my apartment that one time." He replied with "I don't know you" and added some more fighting words. His girl calmed him down as I walked away and he talked more shit to me. Last month his apartment got flooded, he came out to a crowd and said can I use someones apartment to change, no one said anything so I volunteered and I even gave this total stranger down on his luck my shorts. There are a lot of people I like but a vast majority of people are assholes. Fuck people. Even if he didn't remember me it doesn't give him the right to be an asshole. I'm not a violent person no matter how drunk I am and I don't see what he had to prove. Shit like this makes me not trust people.


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