Friday, January 21, 2005

I will return your silence with my silence

Everyday there would be a phone call to the apartment phone from southeast Pennsylvania. Well not everyday, exactly every other day. I pick up and say hello and hear nothing other than the click of hang up. I looked up the area code and it was 215, which was southeast Pennsylvania. This was a hassle but I would pick it up and try new things. First I did the obligatory hello....hello...?......Hello!. Then I moved on to the "I will return your silence with my silence". After that it was the pick up and hang up fast, what I like to call the "I don't have time to deal with this" method. Then today I was in a particularly good mood having downloaded 9 very very hard to find indie rock albums I've been searching for and was giving them a good listen. The Iron & Wine album, which is pure acoustic and slide guitar folk was playing and I heard the ring and looked at the caller ID and saw it was my best phone buddy 215. It was a song with very hushed vocal and finger picking and I just picked up the phone and put it to the speaker, I figured it was a good song and had to be heard without an introduction. About 7 seconds of this went by and all of a sudden the unthinkable happen… I heard a hello! I knew the day was special when I woke up today my friend but I hadn't realized how special, I was graced by a hello, a response. I didn't know how to react for about half a second. Should I hang up? Should I throw the phone against the wall? Should I let the music play? Should I say hello back? Okay those options didn't really go through my head but they were my options if I needed any. I simply said hello and the lady asked for Libby something. I recognized the name from the mail that used to come in and I said she doesn't live here. Then it was "is this a place of business?" Once again "she doesn't live here, there are four guys living in the apartment". She got the point and I mention how she would call every other day and hang up but she didn't respond, only caring about her priorities. We said our byes and parted ways, me hoping she wouldn't call but slightly missing the stupidity of it and she ending it conversation confused. Iron and Wine ameliorated this phone situation as he has the gift of fixing peoples lives with his music. That my friends is how you take a stupid phone call and turn it into a point less 466 word paragraph in hopes of wasting at least one persons


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