Thursday, February 17, 2005


The new Eels album is all over the www and E [the songwritter and main Eel] said it was going to be his masterpiece. After seeing it last night I jumped on it 2 months before it gets its release and everyone is saying good things about it. I didn't know they had a fan base at all especially after that last two horrible albums, latter worse than the former. Either way this sounds great, its a double album. An odd thing is that he signed to Vagrant, odd move from Dreamworks which is a label geared to his sound, well a label geared more towards artistic freedom. The oddest part is that both labels are owned by Interscope. The album is a 2 CD return to form, recorded in E's basement. He slowed down and mellowed back down which is a good thing. Eels - Blinking lights and other revelations - April 22, 2005

Somebody please leak the new Spoon damnit. Its already my album of the year. They're best thing to come out of Texas other than me. Gimme Fiction.


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