Wednesday, February 16, 2005

The first two hours of my day

Its noon but here is a summary of the day;

I set my alarm early so I could wake up and review for my exam but I hit snooze too many times because I couldn't remember what I was waking up early for. I can't really function mentally in the morning until about an hour after the initial wake up.

I walk to the bus eating my morning clementines. It used to be that one would suffice but my tolerance to this citrus fruit has gone up and I've doubled my morning dosage.

I get the bus and sit in the very back and some girl farts. I look over about 7 seconds post-eruption and she has a big smile on her face. How odd.

I took my test. Walked back to the bus and rode back to the apartment then walked back while talking to myself, I didn't know someone was so close behind. I do it too often to care. Sometimes I like to hear thoughts outloud.

Then back to my fortress and to my throne with my microwave beans. Downloading some good tunes and listening to them. Some good ole Japanese Indie Pop. I live like a king.


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