Sunday, February 20, 2005

Towering Above the Rest

I slept from 830am to 830 pm. I missed the whole day. I wish I hadn't because it was Saturday and it seems like I would of done something cool. But probably not. I saw Modest Mouse Friday night and they put on a good show. I was just getting over the Whiskey drinkage from Thursday and didn't feel up to it but as soon as I got on the road I was doing fine. Which reminds me, I did a lot of driving the past two day. 5-6 hours of it. There needs to be some more passenger trains around here, that would help me out a lot. Either way I just downloaded a nice 10 disc "Towering Above the Rest" Radiohead compilation of B-sides and rarities. Lots of people tell me that the B-sides songs are better than the album ones. I can't decide, they are all very good. I think I need some sleep.


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