Tuesday, March 15, 2005

March days

Forty-five degrees isn't what spring break is suppose to be. Its so cold outside I don't feel like getting out of the house. Yesterday though I did stop by some of my old stomping grounds, nothing that cool though, drove around my town and went to some stores and a shaved ice stand. I finally managed to get my car inspected and passed. I had to think this one carefully and remember the history of each place to see which will pass me with a fogged out headlight and I guessed right. The same exact one that passed my dad with the same thing. So I finally got that and it only took me 2 and a half months after expiration.

I'm feeling lazy but I'm pretty sure I'll still go see Marbles play tomorrow and I'm very sure that I'll see The Album Leaf play Thursday with Ryan and whoever else is around town. I was right about to make another webpage of stupid drawings that I mostly do in class and some that I do at home just so I won't lose them but do I need webpage # 7? Maybe I can just scrap one and redo it as this. I don't really want it just to be me though, I kind of want it to be a collective so there's more variety. How many drawings of fruit/vegetable people can a person take? Maybe some animations that I did a while back and some photoshop drawings can be thrown in. I should take my scanner with me for this endeavor. I wish I had more space in my room, I can't think of where I can place a flat bed scanner.


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