Thursday, March 10, 2005

A Sun Came

I have one more class then Spring Break. No big plans, maybe catch a show or two. I went home today right after my Mid-term for a dentist appointment and was in there for 10 mins after the 1hr+ driving and all of a sudden because I had a screw put into my knee 5 months ago I couldn't get my teeth cleaned unless the called my doctor. I tried to tell them it desolved already but they wouldn't have it. So Dr. Taba was called and he was off in a convention so I have to reschedule. I would of said something but I smiled and said its alright we can make another appointment just because my dentist is kind of a family friend and they know a lot of my family. Any way I washed my car and ate some lunch and hung out with my mom and then my little cousins came by and they told me about the zoo. After the carwash my car is all nice and shiny, its been about half a year since shes been washed. I used to wash my car atleast 2x a month when I first got it now 6 years later I can go a year without a wash. My how time has changed.

On my way back I saw this really bad wreck, the driver of one car couldn't of survived, the car was completely smashed in from the drivers door and flipped of the road upside down. I've seen more aftermaths of some really bad wrecks than usual. It kind of makes you callus towards it, then you start to think someone died right there few minutes ago.


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