Friday, February 25, 2005

Quit hitting yourself

We [the 4307 underground] are getting these one ringers. The phone'll [is that right, can I add 'll to anything...probably not but that seems so'll...maybe I've been living in Texas too long] ring once and then nothing. I don't mind it if it means all the other random phone calls for our phantom roomate ceases and it seems they have. Which means its them because it started after "blocked call" stopped calling. Here is my theory why.

Yesterday they called and I was feeling particularly...sassy, no....frisky....nope, hmmmm bodacious...maybe, the thesaurous tells me fresh but its not also tells me plucky but I don't use that word either so we'll stick with bodacious. Anyway the phone rang and none of the calls are for anyone who lives there but I can't stand letting a phone ring so I picked up. I said my hello and then she asked if my roomate, we'll call him Nipple Scoogins IV for privacy purposes because I think once he signed a note to that manner. Then I said no habla engles, she asked other questions and I said que?, que? ...Is there anyone there who speaks English...que? I wasn't really feeling getting into it so I wasn't pushing the accent and I'm pretty sure she knew I spoke english by the tone in her voice. I talk to this person everyday, she askes for Scoogins and I tell her he's not here and then she says I'll call back. She calls 3 times a day! She should learn her lesson so I was just showing her how much I appreciate her calls. So for that this is the retaliation on the phone of the 4307 underground. Scoogins needs to tell people that he doesn't live here anymore but he doesn't, he does however still pay rent apparently so I guess I can't complain about his phone calls. I think I'll just do the pick up hang up from now on. It sends a clear message.


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