Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The Two Sides Of Monsieur Valentine

My life is now complete.

I did a little modification to the ole Think Tank, I changed the background a little with something I made in Photoshop and I modified some shapes, sizes and corners. I can't keep it looking one way because I like messing around with the code and seeing what I can do and what I can improve. I want to keep a stable look but change is too tempting.

Anyway as I was saying, my life is now complete. I got my album today, four months before its release. I finaly nabbed my very very much anicipated 5th long player from Austins own Spoon. Its a big deal to me because I've been on a mission trying to locate this with different tactics and scams with no avail but today I just used google and few choice search terms and commands and bam! I love you internet. I got to say though, I'm not sold on the production, they should of put Vanderslice up to it. Some of the demos fared better. I'd rank it their 3rd or 4th best which is far from bad. I remember that sad sad day when I was driving through Plano at 3am after a couple glasses of wine and put Spoons 1st best in the cd player and it broke as I was putting it in. The day the music died. I was going to write letter to Merge records but I wimped out. Maybe I still can.


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