Monday, March 21, 2005

Things I Don't Remember

My Spring Break is coming to a close tonight and tomorrow its back to the numbing life of school. I had this eye twitch the week right before spring break when I had few exams and a presentation but after the break started it went away. I guess I can work on getting that back now that school will start back up Monday. Now that I think back about the break it seems a lot longer than a week, I didn't do anything big but I did do a lot of small things. Good times indeed. Yesterday we celebrated the last night of Spring break much like how we started the break, completely trashed. I just remember trying to walk straight in the middle of now where in West Denton and stumbling around. I'm pretty sure its the lowest area in Denton and I've seen it closed many times because of flooding. Its surrounded by miles of woods and a creek runs right through the middle of it so its always nice and cool. I need a video camera to document these nights.


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