Thursday, April 14, 2005

Disconnect the Dots

Has anyone heard the new Coldplay? They have this song called Talk, the hook sounds just like that Killers song, Somebody Told Me, just for a second. Right when he says "Never thought I'd let a rumor ruin" in the Killers song. But alas the new Weezer single rips off Nerf Herders, New Jersey Girl but just for a second. But what about that Gwen Stefani song, her first single that steals from the Weezer song Hash Pipe. Both songs were lame and I think Weezer was hitting the hash pipe a little too much when making the Green album....or anything after. That my music rant for the day....or is it? Nope

Some guy I met online and trade some music with randomly sent me this Mississippi Delta Blues album by RL Burnside. Nice I'm-waking-up-early-to-finish-my-project-in-the-last-minute music. You can't find that everywhere and plus I took a class about early American music and in that class I learned to appreciate and understand the genre. Other than that I'm listening to the most excellent, Satanic Panic In the Attic and still listening to the new Mountain Goat LP.

I had this really good post in mind Monday about figuring people out and how you really don't know anyone. I had this bit about how people are constantly reinventing others in their heads with actions they do that surprised you. It had a nice metaphor too, it was the best and most coherent part of it. It was more relevant when I was thinking about it and I had more to say but it wasn't good timing so I let that go. I didn't want it to completely let it go so this was my summary of what I remember about it. It was kind of an epiphany while studying, thinking about what a friend had said.


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