Monday, March 06, 2006

Few things here and there

I had the nicest wake up today, my neighbor from time to time likes to put on a childrens workout audio throughout the whole house and outside. So I get this goofy voice and an ompa-lompa beat to wake me up. I love the suburbs, I had just gotten used to cars horns, loud bass and mini bikes outside my window and now I have this.

I had something I wanted to post all weekend but my file hosting is being lame. What can I do when I pay nothing. Its just temporary so I'm not going to get irrational and upload to YSI or rapidshare, it can wait.

Here's some of the goodness thats been oozing around the blogosphere

See You in the Pit has few new tracks from I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness' new album out tomorrow on Secretly Canadian.

Stereogum has a 3-track March music preview posted including a new one by the Secret Machines.

Rumors are circulating that Arrested Development has been picked up by Showtime (via Better than Fudge)

Joseph Francis Machine - Under My Steps
Jel - All day breakfast


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