Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Undeniable Wednesday

There are lot of tasty morsels for your enjoyment strategically placed on the internet that you should take note of:

A alternate version of Spoons Beast and Dragon, Adored from the Comes With A Smile Comp posted at Bows + Arrows

Speaking of Spoon, download Britt Daniel's 2006 SXSW solo performance, its a soundboard recording so its great quality and features a new song @ Lullabyes

Check out a 13 track indie mix at Work for it, nice variety of good stuff to choose from.


Gus Black - Certain Kind Of Light

From my backyard, few Dallas bands on Undeniable records:

Happy Bullets - The Vice and Virtue Ministry
Happy Bullets - If You Were Mine
Tah- Dahs - Alcoholic
Tah- Dahs - Temporary
The Theater Fire - Fiddleback Weaver
The Theater Fire - I Heard About You


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