Thursday, April 13, 2006


Daniel Smith has finally won me over with his newest album Ships. I never really gave any of his previous works that much consideration until I heard the this song from the album a while back. Then I heard the whole album and realized it was a pretty solid release.

Great album art.

Did I Step On Your Trumpet?

Kind of distracted while doing this post, trying to watch the Mavs against the Suns. I was more confident in the Mavs ability to take it all the way and win the NBA finals earlier this season but they seemed to have lost some of that drive towards the end of the season. Although we beat the Spurs couple days back, the Mavs just seem inconsistent in ability. Its very possible though we are #3 in the league.

The fans are behind them though, just look at this Doip/Kris Kross video


At 3:43 AM, April 22, 2006, Blogger Zeon said...

Hey, just wanna let you know that you can pre-order Danielson's new album 'Ships' at with $2 off the price. Isn't that cool? You can check out the link below:

Hope my comment's informative.


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