Tuesday, February 06, 2007

If the Ocean Gets Rough

Willy Masons new album, If the Ocean Gets Rough release is approaching (March 6) with Save Myself as the lead single.

Willy Mason - Save Myself

download Willy Masons KCRW performance including his interpretation of the Message by Grandmaster Flash at the Daily Growl.


Speaking of rough oceans, Modest Mouses album cover for We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank:

still rocking the anchored balloon.


Speaking of dead, Minus Story has an interesting new release coming out titled Make the Dead Come.

"Adhering to the tried and true method of self-recording that we have “perfected” on previous releases (and neglecting to expand on the knowledge and experience gained from our studio visit in September), we returned to our basements and bedrooms with instruments in hand and mics in place to write and record songs of a particular dynamic and delicacy."

Order now, should be shipping this week.

Minus Story never disappoints.


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