Thursday, January 11, 2007

Cloud Cults The Meaning of 8

I just got a preview of the new Cloud Cult album The Meaning Of 8, their follow up 2005s amazing Advice from the Happy Hippopotamus . Its out in April on Earthology but if you order at their online store you can have it by February and also give Cloud Cult a bigger slice of that cheese. Its absolutely worth checking out, Pitchforkmedia and Pop Matters both use the word genius to describe the last album. This album is the obvious next step in the life of Cloud Cult, its exactly what I expected.

From The Meaning of 8
Cloud Cult - A Girl Underground (I was looking at few other blogs and I think the trend is that songs from this album will be asked to taken down.) Instead a live track from the album:

Cloud Cult - Chemicals Collide (Live at the Knitting Factory 4/17/06)
props to Lost in your box for the song

Songs from previous albums:

Cloud Cult - Breakfast with my shadow
Cloud Cult - Living on the Outside of Your Skin
Cloud Cult - Car Crash


At 4:50 PM, January 11, 2007, Anonymous mjrc said...

hey, thanks for the link. how'd you score a preview? i'm dying to hear the new stuff. i heard them do "deaf girl" and "chemicals collide" back in april. it'll be interesting to see how the songs have evolved since then.

At 6:00 AM, February 02, 2007, Blogger Ted said...

FYI, Earthology = Craig Minowa = Cloud Cult, so buying it from the label is the same thing as buying it from the band. I haven't decided if it's as great as ADVICE FROM THE HAPPY HIPPOPOTAMUS, but I am definitely in love with it after only two listens. If you liked Hippo you'll like this one. Buy it and support this important band!

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