Monday, December 04, 2006

Rob Crow, Living Well

Rob Crow (of Pinback, Goblin Cock, The Ladies, Optiganally Yours, Other Men, Alpha Males, Heavy Vegetable, Physics, Thingy etc...) has a new album coming out and it almost squeaked by without me knowing. Then came Stereogum to the rescue with a song posted today titled Up. Check it out, you won't regret it. I went to the record label Temporary Residence Limited site to get further information and maybe another track and bam the track I Hate You, Rob Crow is available as a download. Unfortunately its an mp4 file even though it is listed as an mp3, good stuff though. Then I made my way to his Japanese record label Human Highway Records another track Bam Bam, the song title not the lame sound effect I use way too often. Of the three, I like Up best. Bearded Rob Crows new album titled Living Well is out late January on Temporary Residence Limited.

Rob Crow - I Hate You, Rob Crow
Rob Crow - Bam Bam


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