Thursday, May 03, 2007

Jaylib reissue

I'm not sure if anyone noticed a little bit of a gap there in updates, my excuse: I was honing all my energies on the Mavericks playoffs. Tonight is game 6, a win would take us to game 7 to close the series, a loss will end the season. I didn't plan properly and will have to abandon tonights game towards the end to catch the first showing of Spider-man 3. Haven't seen the 2nd one but I did watch the cartoons when I was a kid so I'm sure I won't be lost.

Also two weeks ago I started watching Heroes from the beginning and I finished couple of days ago. It has found a spot as one of my favorite television shows. Heroes has a progression that engages you in to the story line. Unlike another show that has "Lost" my interest recently.


Stones Throw Records has unfortunately had to delay the Jaylib reissue of Champion Sound (delaylib), a 2 cd deluxe version which includes the original album with two bonus tracks and the second disc with previously 24 unreleased and hard to find tracks. The album was supposed to come out on May 8th but got bumped to a possible June 12th release because a glitch in the pressing.

Jaylib - Raw addict

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