Saturday, September 18, 2004

It's late

I took a nap today around 6:30. I put it on the Simpsons and it was an episode I saw a lot so I slept. Around 9:30 I woke up in a cynical mood. I was kind of not looking forward to the weekend and all the events it was going to entail. Around 10p I opened a beer and started drinking, then soon me and Ryan and Joe started a drinking game and I got a nice buzz. Our downstairs neighbor came up for a while, I gave her a beer and she seemed cool. Then after everyone cleared out it was just me and Ryan so we went to Walmart at 230a in the morning. We didnt buy anything but I returned to my apartment with a nice cowboy hat. Well nice is an over-statment, best you could find in the toy section of a Wal-Mart. I guess this weekend has one day that I feel was worth getting up for. I downloaded the Arcade Fires new album which is very good, I hear lots of album of the year talk from the indie rockers about this album. I also got the Wrens newish Meadowland album which is also a good rock for the sake of being rock, rock album. Also yesterday I downloaded the new Faint which is good and the new AC Newman album which in actuallity will be one of my favorite albums of the year. I also got The Photo Album by Death Cab, which isn't bad at first listen. I got a good hook up for the past couple of day for pages of whole albums and I get to pick and choose. Lots of people are downloading so you can't always get what you want like the Cellar Door album by John Vanderslice which I have been working on for the past 2 days with not so good sucess.


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