Thursday, March 24, 2005

MJ Update

I was just getting my daily update on this Michael Jackson trail that seems more entertaining everyday I watch. There's always something going on. Yesterday a fan started yelling something in the court room and then fainted. Today MJ's lawyer got taken away in a stretcher. This would be an entertaining reality television show. Think of the ratings, few little things like this could help revive our slowly dyeing social security program. Today the court determined that MJs computer porn couldn't be used but his magazines could be used and they heard from his personal magician. Yea you read correctly his personal magician, Majestik Magnificent. I'm rooting for him to be innocent but not found "not guilty". If he did it, he deserves his punishment but you know this kids family is after money. I'm pretty sure that's their prime motivation, not justice. After all this I'm sure MJ won't be inviting little kids over anymore. Why can't everyone leave him alone.


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